Nando’s do Gluten-free, who knew?!


Since diagnosis I am constantly looking out for recommendations of ‘safe’ places to go.  I was recently ‘glutened’ whilst out with my children, you can read more about it here, so am only too aware of the dangers and repercussions. I have a Twitter account devoted to collecting and sharing tips and ideas regarding living with Coeliac. Last week when I saw Annie’s Supper Club recommending Nando’s to another fellow blogger Richard Gottfried (also a championship winning crazy golfer & owner of the best surname I have seen for a long time!) I was intrigued.

When Nando’s started cropping up on every High Street I dismissed them as KFC with crockery. Bit like Wimpy was to McDonalds and assumed it would not be for me. I was raised vegetarian so fast food restaurants as a child didn’t cater for us. Despite eating meat for 10 years now I never consider them as an option, the few times I have been to one I have never really understood the attraction.

But, encouraged by the recommendation we thought we would give Nando’s a try whilst on a family day out to Xscape. When I asked about gluten-free options I was presented with a huge lever arch file with a complete breakdown of the ingredients for every item on the menu. As an anxiety sufferer it was a dream come true. I bet McDonalds would not be so keen to confess the true contents of their burgers? I had a butterfly chicken breast, which was really well cooked and seasoned, with chips – first restaurant chain I have found where the chips are safe for me to eat. The kids food was also very good – mini version of the adult food with a proper piece of chicken rather than the pre-chewed chicken you get elsewhere.  The ordering system is hard work and it felt like we were up and down like yo-yo’s collecting cutlery, sauces, drinks etc… but now we know the drill it will be smoother next time.

Fine dining it is not, but it is another ‘safe’ relatively wallet friendly place to go as a family for a treat meal. The atmosphere was buzzing, we all really enjoyed it and will definitely be going again.


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  1. Brilliant blog post. Glad you enjoyed the dining experience at Nando’s.

    I may well pay the one in Luton a visit to see if they are aware of us Coeliac diners too.

    As for your views on my surname, I’m intrigued lol. I’ve been thinking of changing it to “Glutenfreed” for a while now…


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